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50th annversary: a date written in chocolate.

50th annversary: a date written in chocolate.
The story of Gobino is filled with the sweet taste of memories.

A story which begins with a father, Giuseppe, and continues with a son, Guido.

But let’s take things in order.

Giuseppe Gobino was born in Alba in 1928 and began working there, at the Mussotto mill, soon rising to the post of production manager.

In 1950, the owner of the mill purchased a cocoa refining factory in Turin: Giuseppe moved to the city of the Mole Antonelliana and learned all the secrets of the trade.

In 1963, the company closed. Giuseppe became a partner in a chocolate factory in Via Cagliari. It was 1964.

In his capacity as manager, Giuseppe was responsible for checking the production systems, sometimes doing so even on Sunday evenings. He was often accompanied by little Guido, who was fascinated by this world, so closely related to fairy tales and goodness, stimulated by endless olfactory and taste sensations: cocoa, hazelnuts, vanilla…

In 1979, Giuseppe Gobino bought the whole business.

In 1985, the father handed over the keys to the company to his son who was then ready to take over by then.

So began a wonderful adventure which was to absorb Guido entirely. After five years of commitment and experimentations, new products began to appear, destined to sweetly revolutionise the world of chocolate. Innovative products, never tasted before, created in the name of quality and originality.

1964-2014: 50 years of unique taste.