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Only the best ingredients turn into our chocolate

High quality and artisanal chocolate making. These two concepts mean very much to us and to our chocolate.  Every step of the production process that turns our selected ingredients into our chocolate is made in our Factory in Torino, to guarantee an excellent quality and a full supply chain control.

Every ingredient tells the story of the extraordinay territory where it comes from: the finest cacao qualities from Centre and South American, the best Hazelnuts IGP from Piedmont Langhe Region, the most precious Coffee from the fine roaster Leonardo Lelli, the finest Ginger from Thailand and the best Citrus fruits from Sicily.

Among the raw materials we chose, milk has a very important place too. For this reason, thanks to an important agreement with Latterie Inalpi, we only use Whole Milk coming exclusively from the piedmontese farms of the “Filiera Alpina Piemontese”.

The constant engagement for a premium, certified quality and, when possible, with local origin, is always key to our chocolate production.