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Chocolate spreads: new flavors

Finally we have the chance to present two new flavors of Chocolate spread!

Tourinot spread is our new gianduja spread enriched with hazelnuts from Piedmont IGP crunch. In our new cacao spread, we add instead the precious PGI Piedmont Hazelnut Nougat by Relanghe.

Both versions are dedicated to the ones who have always wanted a crunchier texture in their chocolate spreads. These new flavors are additional to the classic ones.

Storage conditions:
We suggest storing the product at a temperature of 17-19°C and relative humidity of 50-60%, preferably in dry conditions and spaces free of odors and away from heat sources.

Shelf life:
If stored at the above conditions, the product maintains its characteristics unchanged up to 13 months.

This product is gluten free.