Categoria: Selezione, Cremini

Cremino al Cappuccino

Cappuccino Cremino is the new born of our Cremini family. Made with the typical 3 layer-structure where Gianduja Chocolate is the top and bottom layer, this Cremino hides an elegant pairing created with White chocolate and coffee grains.

The precious coffee used is part of the Leonardo Lelli Selezione, harvested in India and then roasted at low temperature with a unique method that enhances the Hazelnuts notes naturally typical of this variety of coffee. This is a precious and artisanal coffee that, thanks to its strong hazelnuts notes, it matches perfectly with our Gianduja chocolate.
This cremino has been awarded as “Best Cremino in Italy” in 2017, as per the “Tavoletta d’Oro” Prize given by the Compagnia del Cioccolato, after tasting all best chocolates in the country. Moreover, in 2017, the Cremino Cappuccino won the prestigious “Bronze Chocolate Award” given by the Academy of Chocolate in London.

Storage conditions:
We suggest storing the product at a temperature of 17-19°C and relative humidity of 50-60%, preferably in dry conditions and spaces free of odors and away from heat sources.

Shelf life:
If stored at the above conditions, the product maintains its characteristics unchanged up to 13 months.