Categoria: Selezione, Cremini

Cremino al Caramello

The best cocoa quality, enriched with hazelnuts from Piedmont IGP. Sweet and delicate Gianduja Chocolate with smooth and gourmand caramel filling. Awarded in 2018 Best Cremino in Italy as per the prestigious Tavoletta d’Oro award given by the Compagnia del Cioccolato.

Storage conditions:
We suggest to store the product at a temperature of 17-19°C and relative humidity of 50-60%, preferably in dry conditions and spaces free of odors and away from heat sources.

Tasting Suggestions:
The optimal tasting temperatures are 22-23 °C.

Shelf life:
If stored at the above conditions, the product maintains its characteristics unchanged up to 13 months.

Gluten free.