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Gluten free chocolate? No problem!

After the success of the 2015 edition of the Handbook of Food, it’s time for the up to date publication of gluten free products by a chocolate artisan. Here are the products of the Selezione Guido Gobino in the Handbook of Food, edition 2016:

The category “Chocolate and chocolate eggs” (page 165)

  • Giandujottino Tourinot;
  • Giandujotto Classic;
  • Tourinot Maximo;
  • Maximo +39;
  • Salt Cremino;
  • Extra Bitter assorted Chontalpa capsules;
  • Extra Bitter Blend 63%, 70% and 75%, milk 35% Finissimo chocolate bars;
  • Cocoa beans covered in milk chocolate.

In the spreadable category (page 195)

  • Gianduja cream;
  • Cocoa Cream.

In the “Preparation for cappuccino and chocolate” category (page 354)

  • Hot chocolate and Classical Chontalpa powder.

We further confirm the application by us of the Regulation (EC) 41/2009 regarding the labeling of food products suitable for people intolerant to gluten. This means that the products “Gluten Free” are not only those in the handbook, but all the products that have the words “Gluten Free” reported on the label, this is because these products do not contain gluten, or because the content is less than 20 ppm.

The AIC Book of Foods and. 2016 is available on the website of AIC: and is available in our stores.