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Guido Gobino and MiTo Settembre Musica

Once again this year, the collaboration between Guido Gobino and MiTo Settembre Musica starts. MiTo Settembre Musica is an international cultural event where both Turin and Milan are together to create a Music program that combines excellence and universality.

Every year Guido Gobino is happy to offer his artisanal chocolate to guests and international artists, presenting also some specialties exclusively dedicated to the event.

And that’s not the end. This year the Artisanal Chocolate Factory wants to surprise you even more. Directly in the outside area of the Bottega in Via Lagrange, there will be 2 concerts “MiTo for the city”: one on September the 6th and the other on September the 20th.

Moreover, in the Bottega in Via Lagrange, on the same dates starting from 4 pm, Guido Gobino offers a gourmand present to everybody who attended the concert of the “Academia Montis Regalis” and “Accademia Stefano Tempia” at the Chiesa di San Filippo.

But MiTo doesn’t only mean Turin. For this reason, Guido Gobino will also promote offering his refined specialties the concert of the argentinian piano player Marta Argerich that will take place in “Conservatorio” in Milan on September the 11th.

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