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Guido Gobino Open Call 2016/17

To confirm Guido Gobino’s interest towards any form of arts, this year we are promoting the latest “Call of Bids – Premio Guido Gobino”: a competition dedicated to Contemporary Art, that was first presented during the Salone del Gusto and that aims to ask the participants to create a “masterpiece” inspired by Mexico and by its famous Chontalpa cacao.

“We are such stuff as dreams are made on”

is an open call of the “Premio Guido Gobino”, a competition for contemporary art, thought by Barbara Voarino for Guido Gobino and targeted to any artists all over the world.

There is not limit to fantasy or artistic expression: you start from a small box with a Chontalpa chocolate tasting , you enjoy it, then you find out the story and the background of this special chocolate line and of the Guido Gobino Chocolate Factory.

The winner will be chosen on the 31st march 2017 by a board of professional and he/she will have the chance to showcase his masterpiece in one of the local Art Galleries and he/she will also win a trip to Mexico, directly where Chontalpa cacao grows.

For more info and for signing in, please click here.