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Guido Gobino’s academic partnerships

Guido Gobino’s academic partnerships

logo_agrariaUniversity partnerships represent the desire and commitment of Guido Gobino for the academic world, by facilitating the transfer of skills and knowledge between corporate and university realms and the attainment of high levels of scientific and technological innovation. A relation made through ongoing research projects, technical seminars, workshops and thematic meetings. Collaboration with universities and research institutes allow Guido Gobino to share ideas and know-how to develop innovative and challenging projects and solutions.

From the technological point of view, in fact, in order to create a product that is of higher quality and in compliance with new regulations related to sanitary requirements of the processing of raw materials, the company is implementing a major expansion and renovation of local production facilities.
All revamping operations see teachers and alumni of the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Turin involved in all planning and decision-making phases.

Last generation facilities, specifically designed for the roasting of cocoa and hazelnuts, the creation of areas dedicated to the manufacturing of semi-processed goods and bean debacterisation will allow the brand to reach a high standard of quality, controlling every stage of the production process.
Know-how from the Faculty of Agriculture in terms of sustainability is just as useful, leading to the harmonization of thermal energy sources.

In particular, the solution will involve an energy supply from a common storage tank for hot water, useful to all following systems: solar panels, heat pumps, heat released from the air conditioning system, a steam generator. This will give full priority to the use of renewable sources or derived from the recovery of energy from other processes required for production. These and other efforts, outline the devotion of Guido Gobino to minimize the environmental impact and carbon footprint of his production chain.

Guido Gobino has also strong ties with journalists specialized on chocolate as “Torino al Cioccolato” by Orlando Perera and “Knowing Chocolate” by Clara and Gigi Padovani. The company has also participated to several conferences organized by the Chamber of Commerce, the CNA on sensory analysis and quality control in food companies, as well as with regard to the traceability of the hazelnut, a theme that characterizes the selection Gobino Guido.