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Have you tasted our dragèes yet?

Dragées are, by definition, candies or chocolates with a covering and a filling.

Guido Gobino choses some of his best ingredients and presents six different versions of dragées. They are all small, original, created with care and thought in small batches from the early beginning, to guarantee a special final result, as close as possible to perfection.

Realized exclusively into our production site and made Unpolished and without the addition of any shiny additives.

After months of research and several tests, you can finally meet them all:


Crunchy Ecuador cocoa nibs, coated with precious 75% Dark Chocolate Blend.


Extremely light but intense biscuits made with PGI Piedmont Hazelnuts (traditional recipe of Chivasso, a city near Turin), paired and coated with 35% Fine Milk Chocolate.

Bergamot Zests 

Delicate Bergamot zests, candied and coated with White chocolate and finally enriched with elegant Black tea leaves. .

White truffles 

White Chocolate and crunchy hazelnuts soft filling, enriched with a drop of coffee and covered with White Chocolate.

Dark truffles 

Soft Dark Chocolate with PGI Piedmont Hazelnuts filling, enriched with cocoa nibs and coated with 75% Dark Chcolate Blend and cocoa powder.

Coffee truffles

Gianduja chocolate filling, enrched with a light wafer biscuits and coated with 75% Dark Chocolate Blend and cocoa powder.