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Big news for this upcoming season

New Packaging

A new image. A new step towards a specific direction. With this new season, Guido Gobino confirms his interest in sustainability and in environmental-friendly procedures and products. This is why we changed both colors and materials of the paper used for our packaging: from the shiny white to a more delicate creamy-color, reason of the usage of a paper made with the leftovers of sugar cane laboring.

New Wrapping

More than the differences in material and color used for this new packaging, there is also another big news related to our chocolate selection’s look: it’s the color of the chocolate wrapping. We changed most of them, trying to reorganize by flavors and by recipes the different chocolates.

Classic Giandujotto, Giandujottino Tourinot and Classic Cremino represent the biggest changement: these three products in fact are about to be all dressed in orange, our iconic color. Another difference is with our dark chocolate collection that is going to be identified, as much as possible, with purple and its nuances.

New Products

First of all, our new Assorted Pralines from Turin: the pralines born last year are now even more gourmand and refined, remade with new flavors and with different decorations. Here they are: Soft dark chocolate (decorated with yellow spikes); Salted Gianduja (decorated with colorful stripes); Hazelnuts cream with Citrus fruits (decorated with white spikes); Cappuccino (decorated with yellow circles). Moreover, there is the new Blueberry flavor in our chocolate covered fruit jelly; there are the new dragées (see related news); our new macarons-collection, the comeback of the artisanal marrons glacées, the chocolate covered pumpkin…

Lots of new products and novelties that are waiting for you in our Botteghe.

Come find them all!