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Open call “Guido gobino creative contest”: and the winner is…

Jessica Pelucchini, 29 years old, student of the Accademia delle Belle Arti in Urbino (centre of Italy), is the winner of the first Guido Gobino Creative Contest dedicated to Contemporary Art.

Special mentions were given also to Elena Bianco, Alessandro Colonnetta and Valentina Gaido, students of the IED and IAAD in Turin.

The winner receives a trip to Mexico, where the Chontalpa cacao production has its base, exactly where the single origin Chontalpa Dark Chocolate Line created by Guido Gobino was born.

130 young artists from all over the world applied to this first ever made by Guido Gobino creative contest: every artist started looking and tasting a single Chontalpa Dark Chocolate box and then each of them created their own Masterpiece, from videomaking, to sculpture, from drawings, to paintings.

Jessica made her “Storia di una piccolo e preziosa fava di cacao” (Story of a small and precious cacao bean) by placing a tiny golden cacao bean under an iron square-shaped box. This sculpture means the combination of intensity of flavors and simplicity of ingredients, combined with the preciousness of the raw materials and the strength of its story.

The finalists are 10 alltogether and all their creations will be exhibit into a beautiful room at the Accademia delle Belle Arti in Turin for the whole month of April.

This was just the first edition of the Contest, the idea is to re-issue it every year, giving the chance to young artists to express themselves, in the name of our chocolate.