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Palle al quadrato

This Christmas we decided to suprise you with very special effects! Set up your Christmas tree… with our chocolate!

We created some special chocolate bars in our 55 grams size that, thanks to a tiny whole, can be hanged up on your Christmas Tree!

They are made in various flavors:

  • Single Origin Sao Tomé Dark Chocolate 63% and 80%;
  • Blend Dark Chocolate 63% 70% and 75%;
  • Fine Milk Chocolate 35%;
  • Gianduja.


Every dark chocolate version has also been hand painted with metallic colors, whereas the Fine Milk Chocolate and the Gianduja versions are offered “as they are”, to enhance the natural color nuances of the chocolate recipes with which they are made of.


Our Palle al quadrato are about to be available exclusively in all our Botteghe, book yours up!