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Easter 2017

Here we are, with our new Easter Collection!

Original Easter Eggs, from the elegant ones to the funnier, born to express the spirit of innovation and design typical of our Artisanal Chocolate Factory. Besides N’Uovo always suggested as design symbol, together with its smaller and hand decorated versions, the Easter Selection includes new Hand decorated Eggs and the Assorted Small Easter Eggs, suggested in unique and gourmand flavors.

The 2017 Easter Collection Hand Decorated Eggs are available in Dark Chocolate, White, Fine Milk or the new Cappuccino: made with a combination of white chocolate and precious coffee by Leonardo Lelli. They are all presented in different sizes and combine, the usual refinement of the Chocolate Selection with an innovative and original design.

The Small Eggs are suggested in 6 different flavors: Gianduja, 35% Fine Milk, 63% Dark Chocolate, Cappuccino, Milk Chocolate with White Chocolate and Raspberries filling, Dark Chocolate with a White Chocolate and Vanilla filling.