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Praline Torinesi

Elegant chocolates, refined and extremely gourmand, typical in our Piedmont region, where nuts are a strong part of food tradition. They have a compact yet soft filling and a crunchy covering, offered in 4 different flavors:

Cacao morbido
a soft cacao cream enriched with the precious Hazelnut oil, gently covered with our Dark Chocolate Blend 63%

Gianduja e sale
a soft gianduja chocolate cream, enriched with integral sea salt, gently covered with our Mild Dark Chocolate (a recipe where our milk chocolate has a higer cacao content)

Crema di nocciola e agrumi
soft hazelnut cream combined with essential oil of sicilian citrus fruits, gently covered with our Fine Milk Chocolate 35%

soft White chocolate filling with precious indian coffee chosen by Leonardo Lelli Selection, gently covered with our Fine Milk Chocolate 35%.

Shelf life:
6 months

Best stored:
We suggest to store the product at a temperature of 17-19°C, preferably in dry conditions and spaces free of odors and away from heat sources.