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Real chocolate ice cream exists!

Guido Gobino and Alberto Marchetti are both Masters of Taste, Ambassadors of Turin’s excellence, one passion: with a good understanding of quality. After some meetings they created a new tasty product: The Chocolate Chontalpa sorbet.

The Chontalpa cocoa is grown in the state of Tabasco, Mexico, by a small group of producers who work in collaboration with the Slow Food Foundation for Bioversità, committed to support them in the production of this product. Since 2014, Guido Gobino has collaborated with the Slow Food Foundation and guarantees the purchase at a fair price of the entire annual production of this precious variety of cocoa, avoiding intermediaries, and working directly with the local families. In this way Chontalpa Chocolate has become the first Slow Food Protected Chocolate.

As Gobino, also Marchetti for several years has worked with the Foundation and is committed to protect the product, offering many flavors of ice cream produced with ingredients that bear the note “chiocciolina”.

The Chocolate Chontalpa sorbet is therefore the culmination of a joint investigation, the perfect union of tradition and research in which Guido and Alberto are the protagonists.

In particular, the workshop of Via Lagrange will propose it in three versions: Bitter Extra “tout court” simple and essential; Extra Noir, with the addition of chopped Extra Bitter Chocolate Chontalpa 80%, for a richer flavor, and finally Super Extra Noir, not only with the addition of chopped Extra Bitter Chocolate Chontalpa 80%, but also with a touch of pure grain Ecuadorian Cocoa, for an even more intense flavor, more bitter and crispier.

See you in our workshop in Via Lagrange, and at all of Alberto Marchetti’s ice cream parlors!