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Can an Easter Egg be SMART? Yes, if it’s the Guido Gobino Smart Egg

For Easter 2012, Guido Gobino suggests a new Easter Eggs Collection that play with design and new technologies. The Smart Egg is one of these. Smart Egg is the new creation born from the collaboration with the Truly Design Visual Communication Studio. This egg has a double surprise: the one hidden in the box and the one to be discovered by taking a picture at the QR code printed on the card that is together with the surprise.

An accessory for IPhone designed by Truly Design together with a collecting Art Work card is the surprise held in each egg. By taking a picture at the QR code that comes together with the surprise, moreover, it is possible to win and exceptional extra surprise!

The egg, realized both in 63% Dark Chocolate and in 35% Fine Milk, in a 500 grams size, is presented in a box that portraits in a modern and technological way the optical and minimal style of the ’60s.

Exclusively available in our Botteghe in Turin and Milan.