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The International Institute Chocolier is born

The International Institute Chocolier has been founded for the enhancement and development of high-quality chocolate.


The Tasters Study Centre, along with Domori and Guido Gobino, founded an institute to recognize, appreciate and use the best chocolate excellence.

In Italy each year 3 kg of chocolate are consummed per person, in northern Europe more than 9 kg, in emerging Asia more than 1 kg per person with the potential for growth of up to 4 kg in the long term. Consumption over the last decade has shifted towards high quality. The high quality standards guaranteed by the national companies of the sector of chocolate make it a sector of excellence with a great propensity for exports (€ 1.3 billion; 25% of the total market). France is the first country of destination for Italian chocolate with 20% of the total value.

With the aim to enhance and develop the market of high-quality chocolate through training tasters and experts of chocolate, the International Institute Chocolier (IIC) was founded, a scientific and independent company located in Brescia, facing all those who work on the cocoa supply chain (raw materials producers, equipment manufacturers, chocolate producers, chocolatiers and pastry chefs) and conscious consumers who want to learn to recognize, appreciate and exploit excellent chocolate.

The IIc, born from the experience of the Taster Study Center (one dedicated to coffee was founded in 1993 with over 9,000 members), and the initiative of Domori and Guido Gobino, is the only place in Italy specializing in the study  of new methods of sensory analysis of chocolate.

The President of the IIC is Jean-Pierre Willemsen, CEO of Domori (the Illy Group), the Vice President is Guido Gobino who is the CEO of Guido Gobino and Luigi Odello the Managing Director of the Tasters Study Centre, , as well as the IIC .

In Italy, the consumption of chocolate per capita (about 3kg / year) has increased in recent years. Italian production of chocolate and cocoa-based products showed a growth (+ 3.1%) thanks to exports (+ 6.5%) but above all to the birth of many craftsmen and companies offering high-quality products, cocoa-based order and extra-fine. We refer to the varieties Trinitario and Nacional that represent less than 10% of cocoa produced in the world and the rare Criollo (only 0.001%).

“The high quality standards guaranteed by the national chocolate companies, make it a sector of excellence with a great propensity to export, that has grown in recent years by 33% – says Jean Pierre Willemsen. If we think that France, the major producer of fine chocolate, is the first country of destination of Italian chocolate exported 20% of total value, the development potential of Italian chocolate is very high. So we wanted to create, the International Institute Chocolier to help spread knowledge and appreciation of high-quality chocolate with the aim of developing the sector over time. ”

Hence the statutory objective of the Institute to teach enthusiasts – with a scientific method – the sensory analysis of the chocolate and the knowledge of the entire chain of cocoa / chocolate.

The Institute’s program foresees initially a seminar and Chocoexperience, a course for first class tasters aimed at workshops, bakeries and consumer enthusiasts.