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Torino’s International book fair 2014

Although Chocolate may not speak, it surely knows how to communicate! Guido Gobino’s chocolate is well known to all attending public, due to its long term relationship with Torino’s International book fair. During the 2014 edition, Gobino confirms its presence at the fair, with the goal of combining culture with one of the gastronomic excellencies of our territory: Chocolate.

During the past years, the partnership with the fair has truly become a fusion of chocolate and culture. Gobino has dedicated limited edition signature products to the fair, such as special chocolate bars from selected cocoa blends, that interpret from year to year, the theme of the fair. This year the chocolate bar is dedicated to the Holy See, guest of honour at the 27th Turin International Book Fair.

Gobino’s presence at the fair consists of two stands, one in the “Temptation and Meditation” theme area at Pavilion 5 and a second one, Gobino’s “Caffè Letterario”. The agenda of the “Caffè Letterario” is densely populated by various presentations and and in-depth analysis and discussions on various themes related to culture, science and gastronomy.

Torino’s International Book Fair – Lingotto Fiere.

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