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Truly Design Egg

For Easter 2012, Guido Gobino suggests a new Easter Eggs Collection that play with design and new technologies. Out of these, it was impossible not to suggest a new edition of the beloved Truly Design Egg.

With the 2012 Truly Design egg edition, Guido Gobino confirms his interest for contemporary art related to the territory. Truly Design is the name of the Visual Communication Studio based in Turin that made the murals on the Guido Gobino business façade during the Gug’Art event in 2006 and that afterwards realized the Truly Design Eggs 2010 and 2011 editions. The 2012 Egg is produced in 63% Dark Chocolate, weights 500 grams, is decorated by hand and packed in customized boxes, part of the whole piece of art. The theme chosen this year was inspired by the murals made from the Studio back in 2006 and wants to tell in a fairy-tale style the easter atmosphere in Guido Gobino Chocolate Factory.

The boxes are silk-screen printed, they are made with no glue, produced in limited and numbered edition and each of them is signed both by Truly Design and by Guido Gobino himself.

Exclusively available in our “Botteghe” in Turin and Milan.