We put our artisan savoir-faire at your brand’s disposal, declining recipes, formats, packaging and design according to your needs, making our chocolate entirely customizable, from recipe to wrapping.

Personalized products provide a unique opportunity to communicate your brand and are ideal as corporate gifts, gift bags for trade shows and events, amenities and welcome gifts.

Due to our artisan dimension, we are able to decline our expertise not only for b2b but also for private clients for parties and celebrations.

To assess timing and minimum quantities for customization, please consult our staff who will be able to guide you in making the most suitable choice for your needs.


You can line our boxes with a custom sleeve with your Brand’s colors and designs. A cardboard band will cover the standard sizes of our boxes to convey your personal message. The design can be studied by your graphic designers or even developed according to your specifications by our design studio, combining colors, fonts, logos and paper type, selecting from the countless available.

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By partnering with local paper companies, we can make a completely custom-made box in format, color and size to hold your personalized chocolate.

Whatever the size of the gift you have in mind, we recommend that you write to us for more information about minimum quantities and lead times.


To add a truly personal touch to your gifts, a descriptive product scroll can be placed in each box, inserting your greetings or dedicating the box to an event that is special to you. You can indulge your creativity or request the support of our copywriters to identify an original and descriptive message for the chocolates you have selected.

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Our Giandujotti, available in the classic recipe, or without milk, are wrapped in an aluminum wrapper that you can customize by selecting a color from those available and engraving your own brand. You can imprint your logo on both sides of the chocolate, as well as on the base.

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Our Waffles, ideal for tasting all the nuances of our Chocolate in a convenient 5-gram format, can be customized by making a tailor-made graphic on the closing stamp of the wrapper. You can place the logo or text of your choice on the stiker, consistent with the limited space available. The color of the aluminum is also your choice, selecting the most suitable shade from the many available.

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For a truly tailored level of customization, an ad hoc mold can be made to suit your needs, bearing your logo or a personalized message on the tablet, wafer or other creation. We will create prototypes together with our designers according to your specifications, creating a completely unique product that will convey your brand through absolutely exclusive chocolate gifts.

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For large projects that require strictly sartorial study, you can create an exclusive recipe for your bars, wafers or pralines. Together with our expert R&D, we will expertly dose our fine ingredients to make a totally unique Chocolate that also represents in taste, your corporate identity. For food companies, it is also possible to consider recipe customization by including one of your products to be declined in a valuable Chocolate version.

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