We have always paid great attention to responsible resource management in order to improve our environmental and economic sustainability, with a view to optimizing production activities and innovating production plant technologies. Our approach began in 2018, when we decided to use an external consultant in order to analyze, learn about, and identify sources of business consumption to define an energy efficiency plan.

Constant monitoring of consumption has been followed by various improvement measures in order to optimize the company’s energy performance and reduce consumption.

These include the purchase of 100 percent electricity from renewable sources ;the presence of photovoltaic systems for water heating; the installation of a multi-source storage system that extracts the surplus heat produced; and the creation of a closed circuit for the recovery of water used in cooling machinery, avoiding drawing from new drinking water.


Thanks to the newly formed in-house Sustainability Team, we conducted the study of our organization’s Carbon Footprint analysis. The study allowed us to report the total climate-changing gases, expressed in tons of CO2 equivalent, emitted by the activities of the production plant and the outlets of Guido Gobino Le Botteghe. In order to analyze corporate impact in a truly comprehensive way, we wanted to consider all emissions, direct and indirect, caused by our activities.

The analysis provided a tool to quantify, compare and monitor our emission sources, evaluate our performance and, most importantly, to identify future areas of focus, such as identifying a strategy for progressive carbon reduction and neutralization.